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the formula to successful property investing in 2022

A free 38-page synopsis of the best-selling book The Formula to Successful Property Investing by Michael Sloan.

When it comes to property investing, there is no ‘magic’ formula, however, there are key things you need to know and do that will increase your likelihood of being successful and lower your chance of failing.

Michael Sloan is one of Australia’s leading independent investment property experts, as well as Director of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Richmond, Victoria.

Available Here: The Formula to Successful Property Investing in 2022 offers valuable information to guide you through your property investing journey as a first-time or experienced investor. Get the best advice to create wealth, buy a home and build exceptional lifestyles through property ownership.

“I am glad I took the time to research and download a copy – you have probably just saved me from being robbed of many thousands of dollars!! I am grateful that it was honest and straight to the point with very little left to the imagination. It is refreshing to see someone else with similar standards and care for their clients that I have, you should be proud of your attitude and honesty.”
Scott Buchanan – Perth, Western Australia

The Formula to Successful Property Investing

The Formula is the second book for property investors by Michael Sloan. This book captures a lifetime of professional experience and passion for real estate that has seen Michael achieve success as a qualified Financial planner, Mortgage broker, Licensed real estate agent and Investment property expert.
Life lessons from a 20-year veteran of the property industry and the thousands of clients he has worked with. Find out what properties you should stay away from and why, how you can buy a property with no cash deposit and when to sell.
This book offers vital information to guide you through your property investing journey whether you are a first time or experienced investor.
“The Formula isn’t rocket science, but it is the result of years of experience in property investment.”
Michael Sloan

The most common thing we hear from our clients is:

“I should have invested in properties 10 years ago”

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