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Your Best Chance to Build Wealth Through Property

with The Successful Investor Program

Join The Successful Investor Program led by Michael Sloan, bestselling author and Director of Better Homes & Gardens Melbourne

Secure Your Financial

Get Capital Growth +
Cashflow for Life

Private Opportunities to
Accelerate Wealth Creation

Investing in property doesn’t have to be a minefield.

You want to buy an investment property but it can be hard to know where to start: What kind of property? What location? How much to pay?

Backed by two best selling books and helping hundreds of clients safely invest in property over 25 years, The Successful Investor program is your chance to work with a property expert to help you buy the right investment property for your situation, putting you in control of your financial future.

Imagine a future when you get to pay off your home loan, replace your income and choose the life you want.

These realities are yours for the taking.

A beautiful one storey Bungalow

With The Successful Investor Program, you get:

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Access to off-market opportunities

We tap into our networks to bring you exclusive deals.

Personal guidance from bestselling property author

Receive strategic advice directly from Michael Sloan, with his 25 years of experience in property investment and wealth creation.

High growth + positive cash flow properties

We help you source investment properties that are a great investment in the short and long term.
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Clients we have helped successfully invest in property:

“I can’t recommend The Successful Investor Team enough. They were extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. They were able to help us on a very tight schedule and always willing and able to go the extra mile to help with advice.”
“We recently purchased our first property and the entire process has been hassle free. The house constructed is of good quality and the land value already increased by more than 10% in the last year. The advisory team led by Michael Sloan have provided valuable insight on merits of new properties. Thanks”
“I recently purchased my first investment property, and at hand over last week the capital growth is already at $77,000! Thank you so much to Michael and the team there for making this so easy for me.”

    How it works:


    Book a free consultation

    Meet with Michael Sloan and discuss what you want to achieve through investing in property.

    Create a unique property investment plan

    We present you with a customised plan that is the key to your success and caters for your unique needs.

    Put your plan into action

    We find the right property for you, guide you through the entire process and pave the way for you to reach your goal from our first meeting.

    What to expect in your initial consultation with Michael Sloan:

    Michael Sloan

    A relaxed informative and educational meeting with Michael Sloan; a bestselling author and property expert

    An in depth discussion of your current situation and goals for moving forward

    Your questions answered

    An open discussion of our full range of services and fees

    Feel confident when you invest.

    Michael and his team have helped thousands of people build strong property portfolios by sourcing reliable residential properties.

    We share our formula with you to take the guesswork out of wealth creation.

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    Timeless Guide Book Mockup
    Free Download

    A Timeless Guide to Property Investing

    How to select the right properties, make the numbers work and get the cash flow for life.

    This guide is not a magic formula on how to invest in property. But reading it will increase your chance of success and lower your chance of failure.

    Remember this:
    The future hasn’t been created yet. You have the chance to create your own. Take it.

    – Michael Sloan