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Perth: Australia’s Next High Growth Capital City

Invest in property starting from $500k

Huge Capital
Growth Potential

Property Prices

Get Up to
5.66% Rental Yield

Many investors have been priced out of Sydney and Melbourne.

Smart investors are turning their focus towards the next big opportunity: Perth.

Strong economic activity has seen WA employment climb to a historic high of 1.53 million people in March 2023, with record full-time employment.

And yet Perth is still relatively affordable (for now!) with a median dwelling price of $588,454.

This makes Perth the best value capital city, with huge capital growth potential and high rental yields.

A house along the beach side in sydney

Why Perth as the location for your next investment property?

Furnished interior house

A property market with exceptional value

Currently, Perth stands out within the Australian property landscape. While property prices in other states might seem intimidatingly high, Perth offers a breath of fresh air for those who seek quality housing without breaking the bank.

Large projected population growth

Perth is forecast to grow to 2.9 million people by 2031 and 3.5 million people by 2050, becoming the third largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne.

Above average returns

A vacancy rate of just .6% and a rental return of over 5% means that Perth’s property market is highly competitive and rewarding for investors.

Take the guesswork out of investing in Perth.

Not all locations in Perth offer the same high growth potential.

Michael Sloan will walk you through the best opportunities in Perth for building your wealth through property investment.

You don’t want to risk buying in the wrong area or going with an untested builder.

Furnished Interior property

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Enjoy high capital growth and cash flow

This combination underpins Perth as an ideal location for property investment.
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Perth is the thriving capital city of Western Australia, and the resource and energy capital of the Indo-Pacific. Flourishing with prosperity, opportunity and growth, our city is the ultimate location for business to boom.

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