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Get $100K+ in Passive Income with a Build to Rent Micro Apartment Complex

Become the owner of the rental market’s most sought after cash flow machine

$140 – $160K in
Rental Income

Over 98%
Occupancy Rate

9% – 12%
P.A Returns

Are you an investor hungry for cash flow struggling to uncover the right opportunity?

If you’re looking for cash flow, you’ve likely considered all the property investment options. You could:

  • Grow a portfolio of multiple residential properties
  • Dive into the complex world of commercial properties

Or better yet….

  • Discover the huge returns from built to rent micro apartments

Build to rent micro apartments offer cash flow far above owning multiple residential properties, without the challenges of commercial real estate.

A build-to-rent micro apartment complex is a high capital growth investment of nine self-contained units. You are the developer, but all the work is done for you.

No planning permit needed

Build in any Melbourne suburb and have all the work done for you.

Minimum land & build requirements

These complexes can be built on a block as small as 650 sqm. Either use your land or we find a block for you.

$140K – $160K per year gross income

With 9 units generating income and a huge demand for housing, the opportunity for rental yield is far beyond any other residential investment.

You are the developer

You are the developer and involved in the project from beginning to end, but all the work is done for you. We obtain the building permit and handle everything for you.

Make your micro apartment a surefire investment.

You don’t want to risk going with an untested builder or buying land in the wrong area.

Michael and our recommended builders have helped thousands of property investors make smart choices. They will introduce you to the right people and the right locations and facilitate the process.

How it works:


Book a
site visit

We’ll explain how the process works from beginning to end. Visit a complex under construction.

Your development can be completed within 12 months

We introduce you to a trusted and experienced builder for a smooth process.

Enjoy $100K+
cash flow per year

See returns far above any other residential opportunities.


Heidelberg, VIC

Micro apartment complexes are designed to blend in with the streetscape

Werribee, VIC

Micro apartment complexes come with the option of a rental guarantee.

Frankston, VIC

All nine apartments have their own private outdoor space

The build to rent micro apartment complex is ideal for sophisticated investors who are focused on cash flow.

Investing in micro apartments isn’t for everyone.

We generally advise casual or beginner investors to avoid niche markets. This opportunity is better suited to experienced investors looking to really supercharge their cash flow.

There is an overwhelming demand for affordable housing in Australia and micro apartments can offer the solution. Choosing the right location and the right builder is key.

Get cash flow that far exceeds any other type of residential investment.