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Why now is a good time to buy

Written by Michael Sloan on . Posted in .

There’s a lot of talk about interest rates and falling prices in the current housing market. So you might be wondering: should I wait to invest in property?

It’s important to remember that the market will always ebb and flow. You only have to look as far back as 2018 to a similar time where auction rates were low and there was a lot of concern about prices dropping.

But we can learn from the mistakes that people made back in 2018. Some investors held out waiting for prices to drop, and still years later that hasn’t happened. In fact, prices have boomed. If you didn’t invest in 2018 and are looking now, you’ll be facing a price increase of anywhere from $200,000 – $300,000.

Watch the above video to find out why now might be a great time to invest. If you’re hesitating to invest because you’re waiting for the right time, why not book a discovery call today. Grow your confidence in investing so that you don’t miss out on opportunities!

Remember this:
The future hasn’t been created yet. You have the chance to create your own. Take it.

– Michael Sloan