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Painting homes to buying houses

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Changing careers in your 40s is far from easy. But it’s never too late to make the leap.

Michael Sloan left school at 15 and took the first job available, as a painter and decorator. Several decades later he realised this line of work was no longer for him. In his words: “There’s nothing wrong with being a tradie, but there is if you don’t want to do it anymore”

This realisation ultimately led him to pursuing a career in finance. Before too long, he had started an award winning mortgage broking business with his wife. Many of his clients began asking for advice on which properties to purchase, and out of this was born the Successful Investor Club.

Watch the above video to find out more about Michael’s story.

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Remember this:
The future hasn’t been created yet. You have the chance to create your own. Take it.

– Michael Sloan