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NAB retiree goes from nothing to $2 million in property

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Imagine being just 3 years from retirement and realising you don’t have enough money.

That was the reality for one former NAB employee. You would think that after working hard for many years his future would be set up. But with retirement looming, he took the time to crunch the numbers and it became clear that he didn’t have enough to fund a long and comfortable retirement.

This is sadly a common occurrence. Many Australians work hard throughout their career, with an assumption that their retirement finances will sort themselves out.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The pension is the main source of income for Australian retirees, and up to 60% of retirees will run out of money within 20 years.

This NAB employee turned to The Successful Investor Club for help build up a portfolio of property. Within 3 years he had purchased $2 million worth of property.

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Remember this:
The future hasn’t been created yet. You have the chance to create your own. Take it.

– Michael Sloan