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Property Investment – The Formula

There is a formula for highly effective property investing is the backbone of our company – and we will share it with you, entirely obligation free. The formula isn’t rocket science, but it is as a result of our extensive years of experience in property real estate investment.

Developed by our Managing Director, Michael Sloan, The Formula is based on teaching people about property investment as well as removing risk from the process.

Michael is the external property advisor to the National Australia Bank (NAB) and many of his property articles are available on NAB’s website. His knowledge in the industry has resulted in him being a sought-after speaker throughout Australia and thousands of people have learnt from his wide array of skills and knowledge around building a successful property investment portfolio.

Developing Your Wealth Is Our Business.

We operate in a no pressure environment, so you will never be under any pressure to go ahead with of our investment suggestions. You won’t find a pre-filled contract ready for you at the end of our presentation – in fact we have a preference for you to actually take time to think about what we have shown you and ask us any follow up queries you may have.

Whenever you invest in property it is vital that the purchase decision is definitely one which you are entirely happy with, and we want you to make that choice in your own time.

The way in which The Successful Investor helps you develop wealth is based on The Formula, however unfortunately many Australian property investors have experienced a formula “for disappointment”.

That’s because they buy investments that have a wonderful sales story but no sound financial investment strategy. They might be a great success for the selling agent but in most cases a disaster for the buyer who is then stuck with a property they actually can’t afford in a suburb which typically isn’t going to deliver acceptable returns.

Once you have taken the initial step to meet with The Successful Investor team, there is no charge to you, and our advice is completely obligation free. We will tell you all the things you need to know about personal property investing, including a detailed cash flow report to help you understand if property investing is the way for you to create wealth.

This cash flow report will help you discover for yourself if property investment can be affordable based on your own personal financial circumstances.

Our Services Include:

  • Q&A service – get answers to all your investing queries
  • Pro-active property sourcing – including many not yet listed on the market
  • FREE property investing toolkit – calculators, video clips and a lot more
  • Quality properties – house & land, townhouses as well as apartments
  • Cost free mentoring and advice – and on a continuing basis
  • A trusted team – with you every step of the way to grow your portfolio
  • Tax savings – our team will show you how you can obtain great income tax breaks
  • 100% free service
  • FREE strategy report – personalised specifically for your circumstances
  • Comprehensive investigation – on all of our recommended properties
  • FREE cash flow reports – on your investment
  • Loan referral service
  • No cost e-book – see our top tips on staying safe when you invest
  • 100% free plan of action – tailored specifically for your circumstances
  • Comprehensive research – for all our endorsed properties

Many property investors inadvertently make costly errors in regards to purchasing property and simply discover this when it is too late to correct those errors. Regular mistakes made by property investors include:

  • Picking the wrong type of property – one which won’t generate satisfactory returns
  • Investing within an inappropriate location – often where the rental market is already over-supplied or sometimes there’s little demand for rental properties
  • Too little knowledge of one’s weekly cash flow impact
  • Purchasing properties that are appealing for investors although not always for home owners (a big mistake)
  • Relying on poor guidance that is quite often biased and has the ultimate aim of effecting a sale instead of building your wealth
  • Becoming fixed in to a property that often does not match the bank price value standards
  • Falling victim to sales hype as well as overly ambitious marketing propaganda

At The Successful Investor, our team concentrates on discovering investment properties that are compatible with your desired specific considerations, timeline and budget.

We will only advocate a property to you if our own findings demonstrate it will appeal to both the investor and home owner – this means you will bring in top notch potential tenants and maximise your capital gain.

A large number of the properties we strongly recommend typically are not available for the public, and they are all selected due to their prime locations across the country. When we advocate a property that suits your circumstances, you’ll be supplied with all supporting research and a comprehensive cash flow analysis which allows you to make an educated decision.

Our goal is always to allow you to build wealth securely by way of property investment and also to give you all the ongoing support you need to build your wealth. Here is just how we do this:

Service At No Cost To You.

We are a licensed Real Estate Broker, so when a client buys a property, the vendor pays us – in other words we can supply our assistance at no cost to you.

That being said, the basic significant difference between The Successful Investor and typical real estate property agents is because we work for you, and other agents work for the vendor. The developers/builders keep our company lights on, but it is you who help make our business the success that it is at present.

Our clients’ requirements are crucial therefore we often decline properties we are offered to sell because they don’t live up to our rigorous quality control principles.

No Cost Property Wealth Report.

As soon as you are client of The Successful Investor you will receive a complimentary personalised report that will identify where you are at today and also where you’re heading.

It is a frightening fact that most people have no idea where they might be going in regards to personal financial security, and up to a remarkable 80 percent of Australians may rely completely or partly on the pension for his or her retirement. Unless, that is, they alter (or in many occurrences, get started on) their personal wealth creation system.

We will assist you in finding out if you are on target or whether you need to make some variations in order to achieve financial peace of mind.

For most of our clients, the customised report includes a few major surprises, and encourages our clients to start on their wealth creation program sooner.

Obtaining The Ideal Property For You.

Once we recommend an investment property that matches your requirements, it has already exceeded our uncompromising research checks – this means the property is one that:

  • Is in your required price range
  • You will be able to afford (we will provide you with an in-depth cash flow report so you will know precisely what your weekly income and outgoings should be)
  • Has extremely good potential for capital growth
  • Is within a suitable location and is the most suitable property type to attract good tenants for that particular location.

Unlike most real estate professionals, we’re not limited to the local region so we never focus on just one type of property – or location. You’ll find that we have high-level of house and land packages, townhouses and apartments available all over the country.

Our company focus is on delivering long-lasting returns for our clients without exposing them to unreasonable and avoidable levels of risk.

Property Investment Methods.

Purchasing that first investment property is a large step and we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make a considered as well as knowledgeable choice prior to buying.

It’s extremely easy to make expensive mistakes simply by purchasing an unsuitable property, or purchasing a property that your personal income cannot sustain. However if you do this correctly, property investing will create long-lasting wealth for you and your family.

To get started, check out our website and complete your details in the contact us box and we will be in touch to make a time for an obligation free consultation, either in person or over the phone.


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