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What Type of Investment Property Should I Buy?

What Type of Investment Property Should I Buy?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in purchasing an investment property is deciding what kind of property to buy. There are plenty of options, from apartments to land and house packages to student accommodation.

The key to making the right choice is matching the type of property to your investment goals. Whether you’re a first-time investor or looking to diversify your property portfolio, read on to learn more about what type of investment property you should buy.

Which investment property should I buy?

This depends on your personal goals and circumstances. For most investors, a standard residential home in a good location with projected population growth will make a good investment, especially if the home is kept for ten years or longer. 

What first investment property should I buy?

A great option is buying a house and land package off the plan if you want a property that maximises tax deductions and has affordable cash flow.

First time investors should stay away from niche market investment properties like holiday accommodation, hotel rooms and student accommodation.

What is the safest investment property to buy?

A homeowner-quality house and land package in a Master Planned housing estate, bought in an area with high population growth and lots of infrastructure to be delivered. Make sure that you are buying from a trusted land developer and a quality builder.

Should I buy a residential or commercial property?

Commercial property comes with a higher risk than residential and generally requires a higher entry point. For everyday investors, residential property is considered a better option. A homeowner-quality property in a good location will deliver over time, every time. 

Is student accommodation a good investment?

No, please proceed with great caution if considering student accommodation. All you need to do is check the properties that are for sale in major cities and you’ll see that student accommodation is always the cheapest and often being sold at a loss.

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