Review of ‘The Formula to Successful Property Investing’

I have been privileged to receive some great feedback about my book The Formula to Successful Property Investing, but this latest feedback brought a smile to my face as the source was so unexpected. See for yourself.

Hi there.

A quick note to say thanks for a brilliant place at Olivia’s in the Forest– we loved it (as u can see from our stayz review).

This is random- but I just wanted to share. I got stuck into the book in your library ‘The formula to property investment’ but didn’t quite finish it before the weekend was up. Picked it up at the airport on the way home and managed to devour the rest of it by the time I went to bed that night. It was so timely for us and we had lots of discussions over the weekend about our goals and where we are headed. In reading the chapter about ‘people should buy where they would want to live’…. the author went on to talk about his experiences over the years and how he now lives in Melbourne during the week and Mt Toolebewong on the weekends and the penny dropped! It’s your book… it’s your place!!!!!! Much excitement on my behalf.

Anyway…. I really enjoyed the book and got a lot out of it. I’m someone living in Sydney, with a rental property in Brisbane (am a Brissie girl originally) and am really struggling with what to do next. Buying a place to live in Sydney is sort of out of the question with prices out of control and underwhelming equity in my current place…..but with our jobs here and a great bunch of friends it’s a tough call.

The Formula to Successful Property Investing

Thanks for making things so clear in the book…. equity and how to use it, doing all the sums to know the ‘cash flow’, properties to avoid, how to go about buying property 2, the different loans (P&I, interest only), what people to have on your team…. the information was presented in a way that made it easy really accessible and not intimidating.

I wish I had more explicit knowledge of all of these things 15 years ago. I have previously engaged a financial planner and found the experience rather negative and expensive and I’m now weary of seeking help from the professionals.

Your book has given me so much confidence (in hanging in there for the long haul) and feeling that achieving wealth could be something within our reach, over time.

The biggest thing I resonated with was the goal of being able to choose! This is exactly where I am at… the ability to choose to study again, to have babies without stressing about money, to travel, to see my family, to work part time!

The book nailed it for me.
Thanks Michael.

Claire J


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