Changes: An update from Michael Sloan

Hi there,  This is a quick, but a monumental update from me.
I’m excited to announce that, as of July 1st 2019, The Successful Investor has joined with
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

Why did we make this change?

By joining Better Homes & Gardens​ it was clear that we would be in a position to offer our valued clients (you, I hope!) even more great property services while having the backing of one of the largest Real Estate Groups in the world.

What does this change mean for The Successful Investor and our clients?

The Successful Investorwill continue to be a place for honest, useful, and often critical advice based on our decades in the property/investment domain. This website ( will evolve to become a place where we can educate, advise, and communicate with you, free of charge.
We will also be upping our game with a regular newsletter to you, where we can share important advice and updates about the broad subject of wise property investment and the Australian property market.  So, stay tuned here, we’ll be updating this site over the coming weeks.

Come say “Hi” to us at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Richmond.

If you’d like, we encourage you to come say “Hi” to us at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Richmond. You can find us here:

We will continue to offer you the same great advice, services and support around potential investment opportunities, but now with the added full suite of real estate services.

  • Listing any property you may want to sell wherever you are located
  • Providing full Property Management services
  • Advising you about the property market, as a buyer or seller.

We’re really looking forward to this great step forward and all the new services coming your way. You can get in touch with us by emailing us at

Speak soon,


Michael Sloan.

The most common thing we hear from our clients is:

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