Buying Property To Secure Children A School Place

The pressure on some high-achieving parents to get children into schools of choice leads them to drastic measures.

Some are said to fudge their addresses by bribing relatives, others change their mobile phone billing data, some wealthy parents buy a second property – with no intention of living there – just so they can have a postal address for school documents. Others make false statutory declarations – or rent properties for six months and then leave them vacant.

Would you? Could you? Perhaps you have already…

Falsify your address just to get your little ray of sunshine into the family’s school of choice, that is.

It seems nothing is too much trouble when a place in a class in the best school is on the line.

Getting in on the front foot, McKinnon Secondary College says it “strongly advises prospective parents to contact the college before securing a leased property, or purchasing a property, to discuss enrolment options’’.

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