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Working With The Successful Investor

We want to work with like-minded Property Investment Advisors and Referral Partners that have the same approach and philosophy as the team at The Successful Investor.

When deciding whether your company should be working with the successful investor, it is important to know that from our end, we have the right team in place and require partnerships with referral companies that give highly researched and professional advice, mentor their clients, provide long-term strategies and understand their needs and circumstances.

To become a part of The Successful Investor team we encourage other professional companies such as, Financial Planners, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and Property Managers to take the time to see how we conduct our business and how we advise our clients to build a successful property portfolio.

Take Care Of Your Clients By Referring Them To A Company You Can Trust.

Ensure your clients see a property investment company before they even begin to look at properties! In our experience we have had clients come to us after they have lost money and bought property under the wrong circumstances.

It’s in your interest to protect your clients’ financial future and it’s in our best interest to provide your clients with the experience and know-how to keep them safe throughout the investment process.

You may have quite a few clients right now that are looking to buy an investment property or wanting to become an investor, but don’t know where to start.

In our experience first time investors have seen a family member or friend get involved in property investing and want find out if they can do it too. Don’t let these clients do it alone and become a statistic.

It Is Important To Us That You Are A Part Of The Process.

At The Successful Investor we work with you and your client to ensure each milestone is communicated clearly and directly form the initial consultation, strategy development, the buying process, contract management, the building stage and final handover.

You Now Have A Choice To Make.

Find a reputable property investment company you can trust for your clients or leave them to go it alone.

We know in particular that Financial Planners, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and Property Managers across the country are constantly approached by property investment companies looking for referrals and access to their clients.

We understand that it can become overwhelming and at times unprofessional. You are right to say ‘no’ to these companies and so-called professionals as most will put their own interests ahead of your clients.

We know that unfortunately for some companies it is all about the money and how much they make for referrals.

They are not the type of companies we neither look for nor want to be associated with. We want to partner with a select group of professionals who will have the exclusive rights to work with us within their business location.

Professionals who like us put their clients’ interests first.

We work closely with you to make sure your clients buy properties that will help them create wealth for their future.

Are You Having Trouble Finding The Right Professional Property Investment Company?

The good news is that The Successful Investor offers the full package and is here for all your property investment needs and queries. This is demonstrated by the fact that our managing director Michael Sloan is an external property advisor to NAB and is invited to speak at numerous property forums Australia-wide.

If you have an interest in working with The Successful Investor team we invite you to meet with us to see how we differ from other property investment companies. We are confident that our approach, professionalism and care for clients will impress you thoroughly.

How Do Fellow Professionals Work With Us?

Referral Partners regularly host property investment forums for their employees and clients, and invite Michael Sloan as their keynote speaker.

Michael’s property knowledge and candid approach to investing may stop them or someone they care about from making a very expensive mistake.

This collaboration between the Referral Partner and The Successful Investor is managed through an extensive 6-week event campaign to ensure Michael’s presentation of ‘The Formula to Successful Property Investing’ is promoted to employees and clients with a greater understanding of what they can expect by attending.

The property investment forum event also provides the Referral Partner the opportunity to talk on other financial matters and to give an overview on what is currently happening in their industry.

Building a relationship between our company and a Referral Partner is something we are always happy to discuss with the right people.

We meet with your clients to assess their current situation and property requirements; this includes price location and cash flow. We then source a suitable property that matches their needs.

We operate in a strict no pressure environment and always put your client’s interests first.

We keep you informed at every step your client takes. We also pay you for your time so your client does not have to.

No Pressure, Ever.

We operate in a no pressure environment; your clients will never be placed under any pressure to buy a property or to sign up for any expensive investment course.

If you are the professional we are looking for we will provide an obligation free service to your clients whether they use our services or not. From first homebuyers to people about to retire some advice and another viewpoint can often be of great value.

We Offer You And Your Clients The Following:

  • A free Q&A service on any property investing questions
  • A free property matching program where we match your clients with a suitable property including some not listed publicly
  • A free property toolkit full of great resources
  • A trusted team of professionals to assist them grow wealth through property
  • A referral service to key professionals including Depreciation Specialists, Accountants, Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers or major Mobile Lenders from the main financial institutions. (Ask us how you can get on our approved panel of referral partners)
  • A free personal strategy report – showing how property can help your clients create wealth over the long term
  • A free 25-year cash flow and projected capital growth report on any recommended properties
  • A free downloadable copy of Michael Sloan’s book, Cracking the Real Estate Code, a book that may prevent your clients making the most expensive mistake of their lives.

If you like the sound of what you have read here and would like more information on becoming a Referral Partner call us today on (03) 8413 8888 to make a time to discover how we can work together.

Become a Property Investment Advisor at The Successful Investor.

We are always on the lookout for the right people for our business, if you have what it takes to be a successful Property Investment Advisor, have exceptional people skills, and want to work with a dynamic team then The Successful Investor is the right company for you.

If you are a killer sales person who will do whatever it takes to make a sale…you are not for us.

We want advisors who will take care of our clients and diligently take the time to research and analyse the right property for their circumstances. If buying a property places our client in a vulnerable position then we prefer you to walk away from the sale. We are after an advisor who wants a long term career; to establish relationships, build successful property portfolios and generate referrals from their happy clients.

If you have joined a company for all the right reasons and now realise they are not what they seem, and its keeping you awake at night, it is time to get in touch with The Successful Investor team.

Please send your resume to