Women in the Black

Recently, our NSW Senior Consultant Emma Allen wrote a piece for Women in the Black – an organisation aimed at providing women with sound financial advice. We thought it was so great and relevant we just had to share here. To check out Women in the Black head to their website: http://womenintheblack.com.au/.

This may sound all Sex and the City, but are more 30-something women grabbing the financial bull by the horns?

At a time where Australian women were found to be the “most economically powered in the world” according to a global survey (Canberra Times 21.10.12) an old school of thought still lingers. I was baffled to hear a client tell the story of how her father sat her down for a serious conversation about her future. “I’m worried about you darling, you’re in your thirties and you’re not married yet. Who’s going to look after you?” Her response was simple, “Dad I’m going to look after me. What if I got married, then divorced? I’d have to split all my hard earned fortune” so that was enough to shut him up.

It’s the realisation that we must plan and take steps to strengthen our financial future that will have us either embrace the idea of wealth creation or leave us paralysed with fear. Fortunately for this lady she was determined and subsequently invested in a property. But for others, it can really distress a person. I guess that’s why it’s easier not to think about it, to carry on with daily life oblivious to this responsibility.

What many people don’t realise is that investing in things like ‘property’ is much more achievable than we might think. We have all had a relationship with property so it’s nothing foreign but working out where, when and how might be questions we don’t know how to answer. There are plenty of single 30-somethings that have dabbled into the property market. And there are professionals who operate with transparency and will provide the information to empower you so you can do this as an individual or a couple.