The Steps to your Next Investment Property

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  1. Speak with us

    Call us and have a chat with our Relationship Manager Xavier Sloan, he will answer any of your questions and can tell you if you are currently in a position to invest. Xavier will advise you if there is a match between what we offer and what you need. If we both agree there is then he will book an appointment for you with one of our experienced property advisors. If you need a referral to a bank or mortgage broker to obtain your finance Xavier can also help you with that.

  2. Let’s meet

    At your first meeting we like to find out all about you and your goals and preferences, we will show you how we can help you eliminate your mortgage in record time. How you can build wealth through property and how property investing will work for you. We will also demonstrate how we can help you with a long term wealth creation plan. You will learn how much an investment property will cost you after tax in the short term and long term. This meeting is your opportunity to explore all aspects of our service offering and determine if it is what you are looking for. At the end of this meeting we will both know if we are the right fit to work together on your property investment strategy.

  3. Let’s meet…again

    At our next meeting we will present you with a range of reports that will give you a number of options for moving forward. It is essentially a “blueprint” for working with us to create wealth through property investment. The report includes a 16 page cash flow report personalised to your circumstances that will tell you what you can expect from each investment property but also 25 years of other financial projections such as capital growth yield and tax breaks. Each meeting is personalised to your needs and may include a discussion about a specific property, taking a property tour, visiting a display home as well as reviewing some locations we have approved. How your journey unfolds from your first meeting to owning an investment property is something that is designed to suit your needs.

  4. In the meanwhile

    Between meetings our research team with assistance from your Property Advisor and our General Manager will be busy assessing hundreds of properties to find one or more that are a match for your circumstances. We have access to properties from 100 builders and developers across Australia. The research team will ask more questions, make more phone calls and do more research than 99% of investors will or can ever do. They spend hours pouring over plans, discussing your needs with builders and running cash flow figures on potential properties again and again.

  5. The exciting part

    Once we have found the right property (sometimes more than one) your Advisor will meet with you to present all the information you need in order to make a decision to buy. We will only present properties to you that fit your price range with the right cash flow and fit all the criteria discussed and agreed with your Property Advisor. If we don’t identify an exact match, we will keep looking until we do.

  6. Pressure Free

    Buying a property is never pressure free because you are spending a lot of money and sometimes there are time constraints in order for you to reserve a property before someone else does. But no matter what, there will be no pressure on you from any of our Property Advisors at any time.

  7. Support

    When you decide on your investment property our Client Services Manager and your Property Advisor look after you every step of the way. From the moment you reserve your property to settlement, including right up to working with your Property Manager to find the right tenant.

Property investment made easy with The Successful Investor.

Our program is designed to make the property investment experience as easy, informative and enjoyable as possible, whilst delivering you the best possible results. Contact us at with any questions you may have, or click here to make an appointment.